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Inter Relocation and the Budapest Robert Burns Supper

Inter Relocation’s longest standing charitable endeavour is its ongoing sponsorship of the Budapest Robert Burns Supper and its associated charity, the Robert Burns International Foundation. Inter Relocation has sponsored the supper since 2002 and Stuart McAlister was a committee member for 11 years and worked as Chairman of the event for 6 years.

The Robert Burns International Foundation and the Burns Supper are committed to raising money for sick and under privileged children in Hungary and have raised over 1 million EUR since starting their good works in 1996. When the supper first began the focus was on Budapest (specifically the 2nd department of Paediatrics at Semmelweis University Hospital). However, support has since been expanded to hospitals, orphanages and other children’s organisations outside the capital.

Here are some examples of how the money raised has been spent:

  • The Palanta Foundation received 830,000 HUF for an OAE screening device, used to test hearing in children
  • The Pándy Kálmán Hospital in Gyula also received 1 million HUF to be spent on equipment and chemical solutions
  • The Magyar Imre Hospital in Aika received 990,000HUF
  • The Keszthely Town Hospital was gifted 908,000 HUF. The money went to purchase a pulse oximeter kit, a device used to measure the oxygen saturation of blood in a non-invasive way
  • Mosonmagyaróvár was gifted 730,000HUF for an electrocardiogram and printer.
  • Dr. Bugyi István Hospital was awarded 438,800 HUF for a kit including a defibrillator and a bone injection gun.

Talent & Application plus a little help from us

In the past the Hungarian Government allowed companies to donate one part of their compulsory taxes to art institutions. On the recommendation of our Finance Manager Ágnes Bartha, in 2011 Inter Relocation supported the Egressy Beni Secondary School of Music.

It is very important for us at Inter Relocation to patronize talented and ambitious young people and give them support so that they can achieve their ambitions and goals. We wish the students all the best and hope the donation of 250.000,- HUF (approx. 850 EUR) helped them succeed.

Inter Relocation and the North American Women’s Association

Inter Relocation is a sponsor of the North American Women’s Association. NAWA, as it is known in the community, is a non-profit association that provides a place where North Americans can meet, share experiences, and learn more about their host country.

We are predominantly and most recently involved with the re-launch of the organization’s Surviving & Thriving Guide. This wonderful publication guides newly arriving expatriates to all the places the NAWA membership has actually tried and tested over the years, both in terms of the business’ staff’s ability to communicate in English and in terms of the quality of the service provided.  First published in 1995, the guide ceased publication in 2012 so in 2014, a plan was hatched that NAWA, with a little help from Inter Relocation and some key sponsors, would refresh the content and in August 2015 the new and improved Surviving & Thriving was printed. This project really has to go down as a win-win because not only is the guide essential reading for all expats, including Inter Relocation’s customers, so the book provides a valuable community service, every Forint raised from sales is donated to NAWA’s chosen charities, with not one person taking a fee for their work.

Inter Relocation and the British Women’s Association

Inter Relocation has supported the British Women’s Association in Budapest for more than eight years. The BWA has a long tradition of charity work in Budapest, which Inter Relocation is happy to support.

Inter Relocation’s main area of support is by sponsoring their annual quiz night, held at the British Embassy. The BWA raises money for their charity of the year, contributing the proceeds of the night to either an orphanage or other aid project in Hungary. The pub quiz, combined with its raffle, raises over 1,000,000 HUF annually. Inter Relocation’s owner, Stuart McAlister has also volunteerd in the past as host for the event.

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