Judge us by the company we keep


“Many thanks to Inter Relocation for excellent support.”
Assignee from Major Automotive Component supplier.

“In light of how difficult it sometimes is for me to keep scheduled appointments due to my job, my Inter Relocation consultant was very accommodating.”
Assignee from International Law Firm

“I am very happy with services of my Inter Relocation consultant. She is very efficient, open minded and very good in communication. She delivered in time on what we agreed on, I did work with her and also will continue working until I will get my permanent residence permit. Also I am planning to use services of Inter Relocation and would like to work with Inter Relocation consultant as I already know her and she is very good and great professional. Thanks.”
Assignee from Global IT and Management Company and also an independent customer

“My Relocation Consultant from Inter Relocation was extremely helpful and provided valuable assistance. We received all documentations needed on time… best rgds,”
Assignee from Global Agricultural Biotech Corporation

“My Inter Relocation consultant demonstrated professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility. I am very satisfied with the service level. Thanks.”
Assignee from Global Finance Company

“I personally find the relocation services handled by the consultant of Inter Relocation, being executed in the best possible manner to my own satisfaction.”
Assignee from Global IT Service Centre, Hungary

“It was a pleasure to cooperate with my consultant from Inter Relocation. She provided great support, explained all the outstanding issues and was very positive and patient.”
Assignee from Global IT Corporation

“I would like to say a big thanks to my representative at Inter Relocation, who helped me a lot during the whole process. She was very helpful, fast and professional.”
Assignee from Global IT Corporation

“I think my consultant is the right person to handle the job that Inter Relocation is providing because she is very professional and she is also such a nice person.”
Assignee from Global IT Support Company

“Thank you so much!”
Assignee from Global Telecommunication Manufacturer

“Overall I am very satisfied with Inter Relocation’s work, my consultant provided me with relevant information and on time, and she fulfilled all the promises she gave.”
Assignee from Global Telecommunication Manufacturer

“Hier wurde nur unser Agentin beurteilt. Mit ihrer Beratung bei der Wohnungssuche und mit Ihrer Unterstützung waren wir als Familie sehr zufrieden.”
Assignee from Global Automobile Manufacturer

“Hereby we have evaluated our consultant’s work only. We, as a family, were very much satisfied with her assistance during the home search and all her support.”
Assignee from Global Automobile Manufacturer

“All “5” Ratings, although no way to circle the numbers on this form. As always, services performed by Interrelo personnel are first class and cannot be improved upon.
Kudos for everything.”
Assignee from Beverage Company

“Super Service, vielen Dank ;-)”
“Super service – thanks a lot ;-)”
Assignee from Global Automobile Manufacturer

“I am very happy with your service. So it’s definitely a best note everywhere, except where N/A. I have particularly appreciated the responsiveness and efficiency of my representative from Inter Relocation, when it appeared that the Administration had made a transcription mistake with the type of my car, and when I had no clue how to handle it. Good value for money. Thank you!”
Assignee from Translation Providing Company

“All documents are arranged in time limits accordingly to Hungarian law. Consultant was helpful and polite. I was fully satisfied with received services.”
Assignee from Global Telecommunication Manufacturer

“I really satisfied with the services that I have received from my Inter Relocation consultant, he has always been in touch and informing me about the status of my processes during my stay in Hungary. I’m really grateful.”
Assignee from Global Telecommunication Manufacturer

“Everything went perfectly and I am very happy with the assistance that my Inter Relocation consultant gave me, he was excellent in making sure that everything went smoothly with the immigration office.”
Assignee from Global Telecommunication Manufacturer

“In general I am really satisfied with the quality of the service provided; my consultant has been experienced and well-qualified to fix the issues in a really short period of time”
Inter Relocation client

“(…) I don’t know any points to improve (…)”
Assignee from International Energy Management Company

“The work was done perfectly.”
Assignee from Power Technology Company

“I am highly satisfied with the services I received from Inter Relocation. My consultant is very efficient in communications and his professionalism is admirable. Thanks to him and Inter Relocation.”
Assignee from Global IT Corporation

“Super Service und Beratung ;-)”
Assignee from Global Automobile Manufacturer

“Super Service and advice.”
Assignee from Global Automobile Manufacturer

“The home search and the immigration processes were excellent. (…) I am very appreciative of the service I received and would like to thank the whole crew at Inter-relocation for their help.”
Assignee from International Industrial Construction Company

“My Inter Relocation consultant was fantastic. She was full of energy, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and allowed me to relax and even enjoy a day that could have been very stressful. Thank you so much!”
Assignee from International Trading Company

“We would like to thank Inter Relocation for your assistance and the person you assigned to us. Your consultant was a pleasure to work with and was a very professional person. She worked extremely hard to ensure we found the proper house we needed and she took the time to explain the whole process to our understanding. We feel we can completely trust her and consider her as a friend to us and our company. Again thank you.”
Assignee from Multinational Aerospace and Defence Corporation

“Our Inter Relocation representative was a life saver during our relocation and house hunt. We truly appreciate her compassion and patience.”
Assignee from Multinational Aerospace and Defence Corporation

“The quality of service provided exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism and knowledge of their scope of work was exceptional. Inter Relocation should consider themselves fortunate to have such a dynamic staff supporting our relocation effort.”
Assignee from Multinational Aerospace and Defence Corporation

“Inter Relocation’s consultant brings strong character, professionalism and trust which represents both our company and the company she works for in good light.”
Assignee from Multinational Aerospace and Defence Corporation

“Andrea did a great job. Everything was actioned smoothly and in a timely manner”
Assignee from global IT and management Company

“György is an efficient and friendly consultant to work with. I would like to thank him for the good experience I had when renewing my Work and Residence Permit, two times so far with him.”
Assignee from global IT company

“I am very satisfied with the services, since I have worked previously with other agencies and I can confirm that from a personnel and cost perspective I am very glad that I had the opportunity to engage with Inter Relocation Group. I will recommend your services to other colleagues or friends that might need some assistance.”
Assignee from global logistics company

“Hello, I know only Andrea from Inter Relocation, very friendly, professional and quickly responsive to extra questions that I had, no action points were delayed from the promised and agreed timing”
Assignee at a global client

“György goes the extra mile in providing service to his clients. He is very attentive to our needs and I appreciate his service and hard work”
Assignee at a global telecommunications company

“My assignee is a fantastic and very efficient adviser – promptly replying to any question and managing everything with minimum implication from my side. I recommended him to my Budapest moms group”
Assignee at a media company

“Márta is a fantastic consultant, she always had the time for any of my questions. She was always helpful and friendly, advised how best to deal with the property company I was using in relation to my flat and the documents they needed to provide. Márta is a great asset to the company”
Assignee at a global automotive company

“I would like to say, Zoltán is a very competent worker and made easier my relocation in Budapest. Congratulations!”
Assignee at a global automotive company

“Zoltán was polite, efficient, and understood my needs well. I really appreciate his support and will not hesitate to recommend him to others”
Assignee at global client

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