Calling all British citizens in Hungary! Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave for the last few months, you’ll know that on 23rd June the United Kingdom votes whether to leave the European Union or not.

As an expatriate Brit in Hungary you might not realise that so long as you have been legally resident abroad less than 15 years, you may register to vote by post.

As this is an issue that is extremely relevant for anyone enjoying the simplified immigration benefits that membership of the EU brings, we’d like to encourage any UK citizens who have not yet done so and who are allowed to vote to register for a postal vote from Hungary HERE.

NOTE: If you aren’t already registered to vote, you must register by 7 June if you want to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June.

The process is easy, our very own Stuart McAlister successfully registered to vote and he assures it took no more than 10 minutes of his time!