As an HR or Global Mobility professional or even as a relocating individual, you want to be sure that any move abroad results in a smooth landing. Finding the right home at the right price, getting settled in to a new destination or making sure you or the professional you’re responsible for knows their way around are key to getting any relocation off on the right foot.


Inter Relocation has an in house relocation consultant staff in every major capital city across the Central & Easter Europe region and each one of those consultants is dedicated not only to ensuring that smooth landing but also to achieving time and cost savings beyond your expectations.


Home Search

Having a professional, independent partner to help you find a home can save significant time and money over the course of your time working abroad.
At Inter Relocation we represent our clients only, ensuring the ideal property is secured at the best possible price.


Once a relocating professional and their family have moved abroad, the business of getting to know the new home city begins in earnest.
An accompanied orientation can speed this process enormously, giving a firm grounding on everything from public transport use, shopping habits, health facilities and even places to eat. At Inter Relocation we also build a wealth of local knowledge into the support we deliver.

Settling In

The first three months of any international relocation will throw up many challenges.
Inter Relocation can provide support at whatever level our clients require.
Our consultants are on hand to provide anything from language lessons, internet setup, satellite installation, bank account opening, domestic staff or even just to answer a question as soon as it arises.