Whether you’re an HR or global mobility professional, or a private person wishing to start a new life abroad, getting the right visas and permits is fundamental to any relocation process. Obtaining the right paperwork to be able to legally work and live in a foreign country is something that can strike fear into the hearts of HR and global mobility professionals alike. Individuals who relocate privately often don’t know what permits they need and making the arrangements themselves can be a complex and time-consuming process.


Imagine the time and trouble that could be saved by having a team on the ground to take ownership of the immigration process and ensure that a relocating person can start work on time and with the minimum of fuss. At Inter Relocation we agree a timeline for an immigration process and then drive that process until it is concluded. Our goal is to always ensure that any relocating employee is working and living in their new location on time.


Work permit

Where a work permit is required for an individual to engage in work in a new country, successfully applying for that permit is probably the most critical process that needs to be completed. Anyone managing that process or going through it themselves needs to know that they are in professional hands. At Inter Relocation we offer free of charge advice on how to ensure a work permit application will succeed.

Residence Permit

Whether a residence permit is based on a work permit or some other grounds, the legal right to reside is also critical to any foreign assignment or relocation. You need to know that a residence permit or registration will be completed on time and accurately so you or the employee you’re responsible for can get on with their work and personal lives.


Global travel for business is expanding at a rate never seen before and the range of countries business people are travelling to is becoming more and more diverse. Ensuring you or your employee has the right visa for travel is essential and timing, as always is critical too. Talk to one of our expert advisors about both outbound and inbound visa support across the CEE region.

Document Management

Duplicate key personal documents or legalisations of existing documents are something relocating individuals often need to provide for immigration purposes. This can be really challenging, particularly if the person relocating is not currently based in their home country. Inter Relocation can handle any such document procurement or legalisation with ease.